Summer Dance Session Registration Now Open!


Sizzling Summer Fun for Everyone

Come join our fun and exciting dance classes.
We will prorate the fee so you can join at any time in the session.

Summer Session starts the week of July 11th and ends the week of August 8th.

Classes will be held at the House of Dance (in Ventura)
3007 Bunsen Avenue, Suite E

Summer Session begins the week of July 11th.

Want to take a fun-filled class with your tiny tot?
Be sure to check out our new Parent and Me classes!

Dancekidsfun presents an innovative and exciting new program for you and your child: Parent and Me as Happy as Can Be. Enjoy quality time and bonding with your child by joining them in our joyful dance and movement classes. Research shows that doing physical activities with your child improves their well being, growth and relationship with you. We have three exciting classes to choose from: Parent and Me: Ballet/Creative Movement (3 - 5 years old), Parent and Me: Dancing Boogie Babies (12 - 24 months) and Parent and Me: Terrific Tots (2 - 3 years old). You and your child will sing and dance to lively nursery songs and children’s music. Basic dance steps and movements will be taught along with songs and dances that are easy to do! Lots of props will be used in class such as scarves, beanbags, musical instruments, parachute, dolls, bears and hula hoops. All classes enhance your child’s coordination, balance, strength, rhythm, attention span, socialization, confidence and most of all it’s fun!

Children's Classes: $100 for 5 sessions/5 weeks*
Parent and Me Classes: $150 for 5 sessions/5 weeks

*Sign up by June 30th and receive a $15 discount!
When you sign up for the Summer Dance Session , your child receives a Dancekids t-shirt and water bottle!

Classes will be held at the House of Dance (in Ventura)
3007 Bunsen Avenue, Suite E

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OK mom and dad, here is the Parent and Me class that you and your little one will love. Enjoy this special time with your toddler. This very active and serious fun dance class will be interactive with you and your little one doing dance steps and creative movements with props. Let's dance and prance with scarves, streamers, bean bags, musical instruments, hula hoops and more.

Note: Active attire and socks/sneakers required. Please bring a water bottle

This joyous dance class will introduce your child to the world of Ballet and creative, imaginative dance! They will learn basic ballet positions, song and dance routines and dance with scarves, wands, teddy bears, hola hoops and wear bunny ears and princess crowns. A wonderful class for your Tiny Tot!

Note: Ballet attire and Ballet slippers required. Please bring a water bottle.


Your dreams have come true, come dance with princess crowns and magic wands. Learn basic Ballet steps and princess dances, twirling and spinning to beautiful princess music. Your little one will realy enjoy this graceful and imaginative dance class!

Note: Ballet attire and Ballet slippers required Please bring a water bottle.

Your child will love this high energy and fun dance class. Learn basic Jazz and dance steps and routines. Warm-ups and cooldown exercises will be taught. This class will improve your child's coordination, flexibility, strength, rhythm and confidence. Most of all they will have so much fun dancing to lively upbeat music with their friends.

Note: Active wear and socks/sneakers required. Please bring a water bottle.