All About Dancekids


The Dancekids Program has been in existence for over thirty years and is excited to bring Dancekids to Santa Barbara County!

This popular dance and fitness program is for the child that wants to have fun and learn how to dance at the same time. Our unique curriculum and the special classes we offer gives every child the opportunity to excel and do their personal best. We instill an each and every student the importance of nutritional health, physical fitness, a positive attitude and self-confidence.

Leslie Sokol, the founder and creator of Dancekids, has been teaching dance and fitness to children for over thirty years. Her award-winning children’s television program on TV Santa Barbara is motivating, energizing and educating boys and girls to get moving and enjoy dance and exercise.

Dancekids Philosophy

We at Dancekids are committed to our students. Our main priority is for  children to have fun and learn to dance and exercise in positive surroundings. All children are equal and have the ability to do their best. We instill in them leadership, independence, confidence, pride and enjoyment.

Dancekids Motto

Think Positive! Believe in yourself and never give-up trying. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Most of all Have Fun!

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