Dancekids Birthday Parties
Get Ready, Get Set, You Bet!

Hip Hip Hooray! Is your child ready to celebrate their special day?

Make certain that your child’s birthday party is full of fun, cheer, laughter and excitement! Dancekids will provide one-hour of nonstop action and fun. Everyone will get to participate in active, energized dances, exercise and interactive activities! For your convenience, we come to whatever the location is for your child's party. Indoors or outdoors, it doesn't matter! Dancekids brings props, music, party favors and most of all - FUN! This is the perfect option for girls and boys, ages 2-9 years old. Our highly skilled and trained dance instructors provide many themes to choose from.

$125.00 (1-10 kids)

$175.00 (10-20 kids)


Sportykids Fun Fitness (5-9 years old)

A perfect theme and birthday party for all active girls and boys who love sports and physical fitness. Your child and their friends will get to participate in activities such as obstacle courses, circuit training, jump roping, hula hooping, ball tossing, interactive games and more! Party favors included.

Princess, Prince and Fairytales Ballet/Creative Movement (2-5 years old)

This themed birthday party is for all of your budding ballet dancers. Your child and their friends will dance with crowns, wands, streamers and scarves to beautiful classical Ballet music and Princess show tunes. They will learn basic Ballet positions, dance routines and activities centered around the theme. Party favors included.

Animal Action Adventures (2-5 years old)

Is your child an animal lover? Get ready for this action packed Animal Adventure Fun birthday party. Your child and their friends will have a Zoorific time, moving like an elephant, cat, lion or monkey and dancing to fun animal themed music. They will do pantomimes, wear animal masks and have a puppet show! Party favors included.

Jazz Dance/Hip Hop (5-9 years old)

This upbeat Jazzy and high-energy dance themed birthday party will have all the participates dancing to lively popular music. They will learn basic dance steps and a short Jazz dance and Hiphop routine. Your child and their friends will get a great workout and have so much fun jumping and leaping in and out of hula hoops! Party favors included.